7 rules of effective branding

Why branding matters to your business

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What is branding?

Branding is your identity in the digital world that your clients use to differentiate you from other businesses. Your brand is your reputation and helps you to build trust with your clients.

So, what makes a brand? A logo, a combination of colors, or a message? Everything that represents your business in your brand. It is an overall perception over your clients about your business. Everything in your brand design should relate to the purpose of your business. Your name, your logo, your mission statement, your values, your theme, your messages, your advertisements, everything is part of your branding and everything needs to represent your business in a consistent manner.

Why does branding matter?

Let’s think about starting an online business of selling your products. What would be the first thing you do?

You will think about the name of the business. Right?

From where this name would come? The name will be something related to your business, or you can say related to the products that you want to sell.

Great! What’s next?

You will need a logo to represent your business. This can be an image or a combination of text and images related to your business.

Now you need to build your online presence through a website. For this purpose, you decide on a layout and theme.

Where would it come? You need to decide on a theme and layout that matches your business and its purpose.

Next, you need some appealing messages to attract your clients to your website. These messages should use content related to your business.

Then you need to advertise your business on multiple platforms. You would need promotional content that shows your business.

You can easily see that all this journey goes towards one direction – everything should match with your purpose and business. And by doing all this, you are building your brand.

Branding provides consistent communication and experience to your users throughout your products.

Branding helps you to:

  • Build an identity and recognition
  • Standout in this crowded digital world
  • Present a consistent experience to your audience
  • Build trust in the marketplace

7 rules of effective branding

To build effective branding, you need to take care of the following rules:

Find your purpose/mission statement

This is the foundation of your brand design. Define a short and precise statement that reflects your purpose and appeals the potential clients. This should relate to your business and the services that you are offering to your audience.

Research your competitors

Since you are stepping into the market, it is better to research your top competitors in the market. The purpose is to see what works well and what does not, and it will help you to understand the on-going trends. It would become easier to design something that stands out in the market.

Identify personas/audience

Identify your target audience, define their personas and keep them in your mind while designing the brand for your business. Make your brand design decisions as per the goals and requirements of your audience personas.

Be unique

Always keep a unique branding style for your business and make sure that it does not copy or match to any other brand available in the market. Doing research and taking inspiration doesn’t mean to make a similar version. Only building a unique identity helps your clients to recognize and memorize you.

Consider multiple devices

Make sure to create a design that works well on multiple devices. Use layouts, colors and fonts that look good in different sizes and on different devices. In this digital world, designing a brand style for one device or medium is not enough. Consider minimizing the details in small-sized versions.

Define guidelines

Always work on defining the guidelines for your brand design including theme, colors, layouts, fonts and styling. Define do’s and don’ts of each category. This kind of detailed guidelines help you to design your brand consistently for every occurrence.

Rebrand when required

Rebranding is also a marketing strategy in which a new name, design, or concept is created for an established brand. The goal of rebranding is improved growth, customer retention, and good revenue generation. Go for rebranding when you feel you need a new and improved look for your recognition.

The appearance of your brand is one of the most important things. When you are thinking about rebranding, you need to find experts who can support you. We are happy to advise. Contact us here to schedule a call with our team.

Diana Palavandishvili

Team Design

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