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It is high time to understand the value of the design and invest in design. Let's have a look at how and why

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Design is intelligence made visible. Look around you, there is a touch of design in everything we see around us. There is no justification to underestimate the value of design. Without design, we would not have computers or the device that you are holding in your hand.

Let us paint a picture to understand the value of design. Imagine, you are trying to order food using an app. Once you get into the app you cannot fathom what is going on. You are confused with where to click, how to navigate, where to find restaurants and the list goes on. But a well-designed app will consider the customer journey in every element of their design. You will be able to navigate easily through the app and complete your journey, thanks to design!

Not only from a qualitative perspective, from a quantitative perspective as well, but the design is also valuable. 89% of consumers shop with competitors after a poor user experience. If you don’t want to increase profit for your competitor, you better invest in your design.

In short, design is valuable from qualitative and quantitative ends.

Value of design

It is significant to understand the value of the design. At times, we fail to grasp the merit of design and its gravity in our business. Let's dive in and explore how and why the value of design is significant and valuable at this point in time.

Value of the design in value of audience

It is high time to shift our focus from designing for your business to designing for your audience. The audience or the target market of your business is the end consumer of your design. So, it is better to design for the audience, rather than to design for business.

In order to do that, the entire design spectrum needs to revolve around the audience. The brand guideline, brand structure, and overall tonality of the design have to be oriented with the audience. You will observe a visible connection of the audience with the design thinking and it will increase the value of the design.

Dipping the toes

When it comes to understanding the value of design, there is no absolute format of design thinking that will do wonders. Because each individual audience set is different and how they are reached and respond to the design is also open-ended. As a result, it is a must to test and learn to understand the value of the design.

You cannot point fingers at the credibility of the design thinking if it does not perform well once. Might be a different format or additional tweaking will get the job done. For that, it is recommended to test and learn as you go with the design. With tests and learning you will be able to see and compare between the different designs and understand the value of the designs better.

Understanding the value of the design, testing and learning will foster insights that will help you to have a clear idea about the overall design value and make decisions that are good for you and the audience.

Evergreen design

The evergreen concept goes beyond the limit of time. It is developed to ensure timeless production. By evergreen design, we encourage creating designs that will pass the test of time. However, the dynamics of designs are always shifting. Within the shift, the basic ground of any design has to be strong.

The base of the design value needs to be so strong that it can last for a long amount of time. The design thinking should remain relevant with the changing perspectives, user preference, and upcoming changes. It is not about predicting and designing, it is about designing with prediction. The value of the design will be overachieving if it is designed considering the future paradigms in mind.

Create designs that last. That goes beyond the scope of time and surpasses the limit of minds. It is not too much to ask because only a design has the capacity to be so dynamic that it stays relevant for a long amount of time.

The takeaway

The overall takeaway from this piece is understanding the value of design to remain relevant. To use design as a tool to build, nurture and benefit the connection between your business and your audience. And investing in design because the value of design is timeless.

Are you looking for a design that really brings value? At Fintory, we can help you with that. Take a look at our case studies to get an idea of the clients we've helped and how. Or write to us directly and together we'll see what you need.

Chris Krüger


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