Allianz Allvest

Redefining how investing
looks and feels.

Allvest is a product innovation from Allianz. The vision was to create a highly flexible and cost-effective investment plan with the use of a roboadvisor – Digital only.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The client

Allvest is subsidiary of the Allianz group. Allvest has been founded to cope up with the demand for fully digital investment solutions and the goal to reach a younger group with optimised digital offerings. Allvest has the vision to provide services, mainly digital, for the younger generation and transport the knowledge of the mother company toward interested digital natives.

Our mission

Our most important task during this project was to transform the dry and boring topic of life insurance into an engaging and trusted product that attracts Allvest’s target group. We turned the dusty and unappealing flow of providing data into something exciting and transparent for the users.

Userfriendly and intuitive interaction elements.

One of the challenges of the project was to create user-friendly and innovative interaction elements. The focus was on ease of use and immediate feedback - the system should be completely transparent for the user.

Customizable investing for everyone. Dead easy.

The heart of the Allvest landing page is the configurator. Transparency and the creation of trust were particularly important to us here. The user always has full control over a number of interaction elements and at the same time receives visual feedback through a development curve that shows the potential development of the investment growth.

Professional experience on all devices.

In order to present Allvest to all user groups as simply as possible, we have optimized the calculator for all device sizes - so that any potential investor can use and experience Allvest without complications.

Allvest Responsive

…and how we imagine the future of allvest

We already have concrete ideas on how Allvest could position itself as a brand in the future and what the user experience on mobile devices could look like.

Modern mobile app. Unique Look & Feel.

We imagine the Allvest app to be mininalistic and distinctly structured. In addition to the functionalism in the design, we want to create a high-end brand experience that corresponds to the state of the art.

The result

Our approach was used by Allvest for an A/B test over a couple of weeks, where it recorded the best results in terms of user experience and conversion rate.


  • Visual Language
  • Web Design
  • Product Optimization
  • Further feature development
  • Advice on product decisions


  • Web Development

User research & testing

  • Analyse user behaviour
  • Web Testings

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