The all-in-one company management solution.

Fluorine combines all the requirements of a corporate, project, and personnel management tool.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Design

The client

The customer FRIE has made it their mission to develop a new type of company management tool, that enables managing directors to handle the various aspects of company management. Fluorine helps project managers and HR staff in keeping track of employees, projects, and objectives. Providing at the same time useful metrics for monitoring and recognizing growth potential.

Our mission

Our task was to create an easy to use, modern user experience, which provides all aspects of the company's employees and their tasks. Thus, Flourine goes beyond usual project management tools, as it also combines all communicative channels, such as an integrated chat, as well as powerful team and project tools. And all this without appearing overloaded, but always with the objective of providing a work-friendly user software.

Project management 
à la carte.

With Fluorine, everyone can keep track of their projects and tasks just the way they like it. The user can switch between his favorite views at any time – this helps to keep track of deadlines between all the tasks and tickets.

  • List View
  • Card View
  • Timeline View
  • Calendar View

Lightweight UI

The details of the tasks are displayed in a floating modal. This makes jumping from task to task super easy and helps to make the user interface feel easy and intuitive, even if there are a lot of tasks.

Projects and teams

Besides project overviews, there is also a general overview of existing teams. This helps employees to keep an even better overview of all upcoming tasks.

with the entire team

Communicating with Flourine is easy. Fluorine contains all the features you need to communicate with your colleagues by phone or text. No more switching between tools.

Monitoring made easy

Are tasks completed on time? Which employees are exceptionally committed? How has the company grown? Where is still potential? Fluorine analytics provides the answers to all these questions and a lot more key metrics to make monitoring easy.

Surveys for everyone

What is the general mood in the company? How do the employees evaluate their work performance? Do colleagues have the feeling of being praised enough? Fluorine gives you all the tools you need to start individual surveys so that HR managers get genuine answers to relevant questions.

Question 3 of 6
General questions
How satiesfied are you with your work-life balance at this job?
Not at all

And Fluorine can do even more

Managing directors can create custom onboarding experiences for new employees to identify their preferences.

Creating an enjoyable work environment

Companies can provide cool benefits and discount campaigns right in the app. With Fluorine it’s easy to create a work environment that's enjoyable for everyone.

50% on concert tickets

Go to the next concert of your choice and be inspired.

until 12/12/2020
Italian Dinner with 15% off

Enjoy an Italian feast with 15% discount at your local Olive Garden.

until 12/12/2020
2 for 1: Boba Bubble Teas

Enjoy two delicious bubble teas for the price of one.

until 12/12/2020

The result

We created a company management tool with a lightweight UI that is easy to use and helps employers as well as employees to work more effectively and efficiently.


  • Analyse user behaviour
  • Product Optimization
  • Further feature development
  • Advice on product decisions

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