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Getsafe, as an insurtech, has completley renewed the way how people interact with their insurance. Everything runs digitally via app, giving users maximum flexibility and freedom at all times. Modifications and claims can be made with a simple tap, and all protection can be cancelled or renewed at short notice - tailored to the current life situation.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • App Design
  • Web & App Development

The client

Getsafe is a fully digital insurance company that allows users to cover themselves and their universe simply from their smartphone. Having started as an insurance broker, Getsafe quickly increased its coverage portfolio and even got an insurance license. Its ‘100%-mobile’-approach and international team positioned Getsafe as fastest growing insurtech startup. After targeting the German market first, Getsafe now seeks to expand into other markets.

Our mission

Our task was to create a new, modern user experience that appeals to the young and aspiring target group and thereby position Getsafe as a recognizable brand. Besides the branding, the main focus was on the design of the app and the web presence.

Bye lame design – Hello Getsafe.

In order to make it as easy as possible for visitors to compare insurance policies and, in the best case, select insurance policies, we have placed special emphasis on the mobile presentation of the website. In the right amount the important information is played in the right way and the mobile presentation does not look overloaded. The application process for the conclusion of a contract was also optimized for the smartphone.

Accessible for everyone. Especially for you.

In order to appeal to younger target groups and to stand out in the dreary insurance world, we worked on a fresh appearance and a bright colour scheme that catches the eye.

Mobile first. Of course.

As Getsafe’s main target group, millenials, are heavy smartphone user, it became clear that is has to be a mobile first offerring. By providing a stable and attractive mobile solution, Getsafe was able to become the insurete.

Getsafe got real.

After an intensive conception phase and a design sprint, we redesigned the website and also the app, step by step. From small tweaks like the modular packages, emotional disturbers to the new contract.

Getsafe ScreenGetsafe Screen
Getsafe ScreenGetsafe Screen

And we also thought about the next step…

After creating the overall new look, we already thought about how to further improve the app in terms of features and overall user experience even more.

Getsafe Nextstep

The result

The new design and mobile first development was the foundation for Getsafe’s success. From a €17m funding round, to Germany’s most sold insurance brand, Getsafe is striving towards a successful future.


  • Visual Language
  • Web / App Design
  • Product Optimization
  • Further feature development
  • Advice on product decisions


  • Web Development
  • iOS Application
  • Android Application

User research & testing

  • Analyse user behaviour
  • App Testings

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