Property management
pushed to the next level.

Redesigning a property management platform and customize it to the user needs through improved UX and UI design.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
Immocloud Screens

The client

Immocloud wants to digitalise the way properties are managed. Away from Excel sheets and extensive paper work to a time saving and digital approach. Through an intuitive user interface, property owners can easily manage their properties. Immocloud concentrates on their users by incorporating features that are actually helping property managers, saving time or solving existing problems.

Our mission

We were tasked to come up with a fresh, new design while keeping in mind that property owners usually need to manage multiple properties at the same time. That led us to come up with an easy-to-use design while focusing on a clean fresh look & feel.

Immocloud Cards

Managing properties
modern and easy.

After an intensive conception phase and a design sprint, we redesigned the website and also the app, step by step.
From small tweaks like the modular packages, emotional disturbers to the new contract.

Immocloud Property Management

Intuitive and functional user experience.

As property owners grow their property portfolio over time, one of the main requirements was to come up with an easy way to set up properties. We came up with a funnel-like solution, while using certain UI-elements that saves time for the user.

Organized finances. No chaos.

One of the pain points for property managers is keeping an overview of the finances for all properties. Together with Immocloud, we developed a clear overview of all financials related to a tenant or/and a property. We structured the section so that the user can see all relevant information at first glance.

Streamlined communication.

When managing multiple properties keeping an overview is key. Different things happen every day and with the messaging system, property owners do not lose sight. We used a very lean and clean design here, focussing on providing the necessary information to the user.

Immocloud Dashboard

Building a clear, new
visual language

Clear typography, appealing icons with character and an inspiring colour palette. A feast for the eyes.

Immocloud Icons

01 Colors















Intuitive minimal product

As a target group will spend a significant amount of time with our product, we chose a very clean and minimal design.

The result

After our design phase, we handed over the designs to Immocloud for development. The product has launched at the beginning of 2020 and the user feedback is quite positive up until now. A lot of our ideas have been greatly recognised.


  • Visual Language
  • Web Design
  • Advice on product decisions


  • Web Development

User research & testing

  • Analyse user behaviour

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