Modern hiring brought to another level

Together with the JOIN team, we have taken the existing web app to a new level with an improved UX and a revised user interface design. With JOIN, companies can create job ads quickly and easily on more than 100 platforms.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
Join Teaser

The client

JOIN revolutionises the way companies publish job advertisements. Away from dozens of accounts on countless job platforms, to the one-fits-all solution of JOIN, which enables companies to post their job postings on more than 100 platforms simultaneously - and that within minutes.

Our mission

We were consulted and commissioned to give the current design a new look. It was important for us to showcase the USPs of JOIN and to position and reflect them in the design. Just like the creation and placement of job advertisements, the design should be simple and modern.

Join Teaser Cut

All new intuive Job Ad Creation

The core of JOIN is job ad creation, which not only got a much more organised and visually clearer look in the redesign, but also added essential new features - our solution was a minimalist wizard.

Join Intuitive

Smart new dashboard with action suggestion

The heart of the new design is the company dashboard. Here the focus was placed on an inituitive overview and clear, meaningful actions. The companies are thus taken by the hand piece by piece and introduced to all functions.

Hiring communication streamlined

The message functionality gives the company the opportunity to communicate easily and directly with the applicants. This saves time and improves the general application process.

Join Communication

Talents organized like never before.

In addition to the focus on the dashboard, the new design introduced the possibility to set up an individual applicant tracking system. This ensures a clear presentation of all applications and their status within the application process.

… and also increased success for applicants.

Join Applicants Success
Join Screens

And so much more…

In addition to the larger, independent features, we have taken care of many small details and refinements during the redesign process.

Join More

The result

The new design has inspired many companies after its implementation. The intimate use and the expansion of helpful features were particularly positively emphasised. The new design reflects very well the positive characteristics of JOIN.


  • Visual Language
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Product Optimization
  • Further feature development
  • Advice on product decisions

User research & testing

  • Analyse user behaviour

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