Redefining how investing looks and feels.

Stocklabs is the most advanced finance analytics platform on the market. Built for traders, by traders.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Product Design
Stocklabs Teaser

The client

Stocklabs aims to revolutionise the way financial analytics are displayed and used. With a team of dedicated traders, Stocklabs seeks to provide the most advanced finance platform on the market. In an ever-changing environment, the Stocklabs platform presents sensible and important data in an easy and intuitive way.

Our mission

For Stocklabs, we had the task to come up with a clean and initiative architecture for complex financial transactions. Stocklabs expertise in financial transactions itself and our expertise in designing clean and intuitive user flows for these complex use cases resulted in a very efficient workflow. We could bring in expertise of past projects and challenged the status quo of how financial transactions are being visualised.

A smart search for a smart tool.

One of the key features for Stocklabs user is the search. Being able to find the necessary information in a glimpse is highly important for user of the platform. Hence we came up with a smart concept that makes finding information as easy as possible.

Stocklabs Mobile

Meant for desktop. Works on mobile.

Although primarily used on desktop, we have taken extra care of a mobile design for this project. This allows the ever-in-hurry target users to keep track of their financial transactions while on the go.

Powerful features for powerful user.

Stocklabs focusses on well educated users with high expertise in the financial sector. Therefor it was important to structure the features in order to easy and intuitive navigate through it and with that take care that users are not losing any time - instead saving time and money by using Stocklabs.

  • Market Overview
  • Chats & Groups
  • Watchlists
  • Newsfeed

Pricing based on user needs.

As different users have different demands, Stocklabs takes care of this by offering several pricing options. They differ in length of the payment cycle as well as the amount of features - making sure users exactly get what they need, tailored to their demands.

  • Gentleman

  • Distinguished Gentleman

  • Piker

Different investors. Different ranks.

As Stocklabs has an extensive messaging tool with certain profiles, it was necessary to introduce a system where user can be differentiated. We came up with different ranks representing the different expertise of users and making sure these are immediately recognisable by using different color palettes.

Expandable Sidebar for more focus.

Exodus upgraded to Stocklabs

The existing platform, Exodus, could be upgraded after our design process. The new website represents the new features and sets the tone for interested users. For the website, it was important to educate users and provide necessary information about usage of the new features and its advantages.

An outstanding user experience in every flow

It was important to provide a qualitative and intuitive user experience throughout the whole platform. We achieved this by not only focussing on the big picture, but also emphasising smaller things such as profiles by using micro animations.

Community has a key role in Stocklabs.

The finance community on Stocklabs plays a vital role. The new design allows people to come together in different groups where they can chat about the recent finance news as well as investment strategies. The chat functionality is an important step for the Stocklabs platform to unite traders and revolutionise the way a financial platform behaves.

The result

After several months of development, the Stocklabs platform finally launched mid-2020 and since then recorded high numbers of new users and positive feedback. Main point is the intuitive navigation and the ability to check important KPIs at first glance.


  • Visual Language
  • Web / App Design
  • Product Optimization
  • Further feature development
  • Advice on product decisions

User research & testing

  • Analyse user behaviour
  • App Testings

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