Attract new customers

With Flow you can easily bring your customer acquisition funnels to perfection and utilize a multitude of tools that allow you to attract new customers for your bank or insurance company.

Why should you use Flow?

Current solutions for attracting new customers lack satisfiying customer experience. They take time, miss structure and at occasions still aren’t optimized for mobile devices. With Flow you can change that and put your company into a better position to attract new customers.

Publishing new funnels takes a long time?

Taking a new funnel from setup to go-live takes too long and is not up to today’s standards? Making small changes takes ages?

Maintenance is inconvenient and far away from user-friendly?

You’ve lost the overview of all the funnels that are currently in use and thus cannot properly maintain and update them?

On average the conversion rate is low?

Your potential customers drop off too often throughout the process or are taking too long to convert to real customers?

How Flow can help you

With Flow you can create, manage, maintain and even analyze your customer acquisition funnels. Through innovative input of modern technologies, Flow is easy to understand and use. It will be a valuable enrichment for your company or start-up.

  • Generation and import

  • Innovative testing stage

  • Analysis and reports

Are you interested?

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to find out how Flow could help you and your business.

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Customer focus

Apart from the rich feature set, Flow’s advantage is defined by its customer centric focus. State-of-the-art design standards and user-tested interfaces guide your customers through your funnels.

Responsive design

Flow funnels are optimized for all devices, without any effort needed from your side. So you can concentrate on your business.

Industry templates

You can use several templates, that our experts have developed and tested for certain industries.

Fast loading time

In today’s environment, it is important that you do not lose your customers because of long loading times - Flow takes care of this.

Optimize your funnels.

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