Analysis & report

The analysis and report of your active online funnels can help to optimize them and see where it might have its weaker spots.

Analysis & report

Analyze your funnel down to the smallest detail

Sometimes it is very hard to identify a potential weakness of your funnel. Our innovative analysis supports you to easily improve the conversation rate.

Structured dashboard

You’ll find a useful overview of the main KPIs for your active funnels on your dashboard.

Realtime activities

Get an overview of your activities in realtime and see how your funnels perform.

Export your reports

For meetings or quarterly reviews you can easily download the overviews and share with your colleagues.

Would you also be interested in different channels?

Publish your funnels, not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices or several messengers.

Start with Flow now.

Of course, Flow is not only a great control center for your funnels but also the future customer will thank you. All funnels are optimized for all devices and perform perfectly.

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