Use templates to create your funnels more efficient and to optimize your conversation rate.


We continuously work on new industry templates

Our experts already developed a few templates for the most common finance and insurance products. That allows you to create your funnels without a lot of effort and to use them instantly.

Banking industry

Our main focus is on optimized funnels for finance products and Flow already comes with templates for e.g. business loans.

Insurance industry

The insurance industry is a fast changing industry and so is its target group. Use our modern templates for your insurance products.

Would you also be interested in modules?

Get to know more about the heart of Flow - the modules. With modules you can customize your funnels and make them unique.

Start with Flow now.

Of course, Flow is not only a great control center for your funnels but also the future customer will thank you. All funnels are optimized for all devices and perform perfectly.

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