Solutions we crafted to make human lives easier.


Fluorine combines all the requirements of a corporate, project, and personnel management tool.

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“Cashyou” is a benefit app for young people and students, which offers its members exclusive coupons and raffles. Cashyou is available in four languages and unites students in the whole of Switzerland.

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Redesigning a property management platform and customize it to the user needs through improved UX and UI design.

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20 hours a month is spent comparing client's portfolios. Correlate brings you the critical data to give you back 19 of those hours.


Stocklabs is the most advanced finance analytics platform on the market. Built for traders, by traders.

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JOIN is the platform for you to reach out to the best candidates for your open job positions on over 100 different platforms. With only one click.

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Getsafe, as an insurtech, has completely renewed the way how people interact with their insurance. Everything runs digitally via app, giving users maximum flexibility and freedom at all times.

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Allvest is a product innovation from Allianz. The vision was to create a highly flexible and cost-effecitve investment plan with the use of a roboadvisor – Digital only.

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