Ready. Set. Sprint.

Over the past years we have learned how we can best assist enterprises and startups alike. The result is a robust product development process.

Why we started Fintory

Our product development process allows us to frame ideas, validate solutions, build products that customers love and most importantly: create products that can change the course of an entire industry. We have worked with global players like Allianz and disruptive startups like Getsafe – and this process is the result.

What is a sprint?

A sprint is a cycle of work that has a measurable outcome and follows a framework and methods that can set teams up for success, wether it be design thinking or development.

Product development

We’ve shaped a process that helps us address customer needs and build user-centered solutions that actually solve problems.

Business value

With our product development process we assure that what started as an idea can drive value back to the business.

Let’s find out what we can help you and your company with.

By finding out what phase of your product lifecycle you are currently in, we can find a way to help you throughout the process.

How we build products

Every product starts with an idea. And it is our expectation for every product to meet business needs and impact the life of users. This is the process we follow to ensure we achieve that goal.

At Fintory, we facilitate the process for startups and enterprises and support product teams on their way to launch.
Niclas Ernst

Design Lead

Building a successful product is a challenge. We have experts in user experience design, software development and other areas required to build a successful product from scratch. To best support your product needs, we can set up a product team solely dedicated to your idea and facilitate the entire product development process from kick-off. But we also work with existing teams to bring on experts in UX and development to support your product ideas.

How we can support you

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